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About us

About Us

The foundation for creating the Evend brand was a self-designed 1.5 6 × 8 ASV spring-loaded vending machine. This first spring-loaded vending machine ever made in Poland opened the way to the creation of new versions that are now widely used by vending operators, both in Poland and abroad.

Company’s Purpose

We want our product to be an ideal device that guarantees the generation of an unlimited source of income. Our vending machines are an ergonomic and smart service product. EVEND IS NEW POSSIBILITIES.

About Us

Evend is a brand of vending machines produced in Poland by EBA Sp. z o.o. – a company with many years of tradition in industrial production and a well-established position on the Polish and foreign markets, promoting development and innovative technology. Evend is a vision of the unlimited function of a vending machine that will work in any distribution channel. Our products are the perfect solution for you to generate more sources of income.

Vending Machines

The machines are the fruit of many years of our research and development work. The main features of our vending machines include: an elegant glass display case that makes it easier for the customer to choose the right product; a reliable method of dispensing the purchased product (spring-loaded module); easy-to-clean intuitive control panel; elegant and solid steel structure to provide the highest level of protection; thermo-insulating inner chamber to ensure appropriate storage conditions and freshness of the goods.