About us

Evend is a brand of Polish vending machines produced by EBA Sp.z o.o.- a company with long tradition of industrial production, strong position on the Polish and international market and a company that  promotes the development and innovative technology.
Evend is a vision of unlimited functions of vending machine, which is reliable in every  distribution channel. Our products are an ideal solution to generate a bigger amount of income sources.

Solid machines are the result of many years of research and develompent work. Solid model is spring machine which was designed for the purposes od the vending operators. Solid belongs to a type of vending machines called Snacks Vending, which are created for selling refreshing drinks and snacks.
Solid is a personalized selling device which uses innovative and trusted methods at a global vending level.


We want our product to be the ideal device which  will  guarantee the  unlimited source of income.  Our vending machines  are ergonomic and intelligent service products.

The main characteristics of our vending machine are: elegant glass window display, which makes easier for customer to select suitable products, reliable way of  giving out the purchased product (it is based on so-called spring module), intuitive panel which is easy to clean, elegant and solid steel construction which provides protection on the highest level, heat insulating inside the chamber which provide appropriate condtions for storage and ensure freshness of the products.