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From small and compact to large-capacity vending machines. Choose, design or customise – to get a machine of your own idea.

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Vending for Everyone

Our vending machines are perfect for selling and dispensing various items in workplaces, public institutions, and other locations.
Our devices are a comprehensive solution in the sales channel.

Due to the current epidemic situation, we now also take orders for face mask vending machines.

Snack Vending

Our Snacks Vending machines are devices used for the sale of cooling drinks and snacks. The main features of these machines include an elegant glass display case, which makes it easier for the customer to select the right goods, and the method of dispensing the purchased product – by a spring-loaded module. These vending machines are the most popular among vending operators.


Our vending machines have a number of applications. In particular, they can act as a storeroom in the distribution and process management channel in any company. They can also be used as face mask vending machines or adapted to the distribution of products that are essentials during an epidemic, e.g. medical masks, disposable gloves, disinfecting liquids, or antibacterial gels.

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Implementation of Custom Projects

Thanks to our experience and technological potential, we are able to develop and make a vending machine that will meet your individual requirements.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.