Get increase sales from your vending machines by installing additional solutions.

In order to improve the functionality of the machine and shorten the preparation time, further use and service we equipped the drawers of the vending machines in the numeric displays which inform customers about the price and the product number. In addition, displays can be operated online.


Vending machine is a self service – store that not only sells but can also encourage to buy. Try a natural marketing tool – Aromavending system, which will provoke the purchase of products from the vending machine.

Evend Real Time Information – ERTI is a modern technology which allows operators to efficiently manage the vending machine.

Encourage passers by to purchase your products by talking vending machine. Thanks to the implementation of Sens and Talk system our machine attracts customers and encourages to purchase products.

All models of the Evend machines provide the freshness of the refrigerated products through a proper circulation  of  cool air.

Our devices cooperate with all leading controllers working in the MDB communication protocol such as coin slots, banknote acceptors and cashless payments readers.

We care about the surrounding of the machines and we try to increase their functionality. Each device can be equipped with elegant metal accessories, so that the purchasing process will become a moment of relaxation. We also offer cabinets, shelves, tables and waste bins.